I’m Trying to Become a Writer

I’m trying to become a writer. For the last few months I have done all within my power to learn more about the craft of writing. Stephen King told me in On Writing to “not come lightly to the page.” Anne Lamott showed me that the act of writing turns out to be its own... Continue Reading →


Guest Post :: Levi Martin

Josh and I first met Levi in our freshman year of college. All we really knew of him was that he slept through all of the classes, and yet somehow managed to get the highest grade when the tests came around. Levi and his wife, Christy, were married eight months after Josh and I, and... Continue Reading →

Now, I have no excuse not to clean the toilet…

My computer is working again! When I thought that it was dead I felt despair...and relief. Why relief? I've been praying about giving up blogging, Facebook and Twitter. There's so much pressure to keep up. More than just putting my thoughts out there for others; social media involves commenting on others sites, responding to comments... Continue Reading →


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