Transition. Change. Growth. Maturity. Baby boy -- too tall now for footie pajamas, feet dangling as we carry him to bed. This week he heads off into the great unknown of Kindergarten. Release being forced, as hands want to grip tight. Hold on, you're moving too fast. Just pause for a second longer. His impatience … Continue reading Turning

A Hope Deferred

38 weeks, 6 days. I've never been pregnant this long. I didn't expect to be pregnant this long. And that's what it all comes down to: experience and expectation. My experience with pregnancy has told me that I should have a newborn at this point. The sleepless nights I'm experiencing should be due to middle … Continue reading A Hope Deferred


I hate waiting for things. If I'm in a traffic jam, I'll pull off and take back streets, even if I'd get there in the same amount of time. At least then I feel like I'm moving forward instead of twiddling my thumbs sitting still. This last part of pregnancy is so difficult for me. … Continue reading Waiting

Too Deep for Words

Friday my Grandma made the choice that she was done fighting. My family have all spent the last few days in her hospital room; crying, laughing, sharing, comforting. I have spent the last few days mourning someone who's still here...but lost to me. I was able to talk to her Saturday night on the phone, … Continue reading Too Deep for Words