My Sister Got Her Head Stuck in a Bridge

Every family has their stories. You know the ones, the embarrassing anecdotes that remain funny no matter how many times you tell them. In my family, it starts out with, “My sister got her head stuck in a bridge.” Right from the start you can tell that this is going to be an unusual and … Continue reading My Sister Got Her Head Stuck in a Bridge

O Brother!

This is my brother, Darren...and his lovely bride, Dani. Isn't she stunning?! He's pretty good-looking, too. Almost two weeks ago I watched my little brother as he stood at the altar and became a Mr. and Mrs. Thankfully I had Silas and Ezra to distract me because, let me tell you, I started crying the … Continue reading O Brother!

Editing & Processing

We've been back from our trip to Washington for a few days now and I'm still unpacking. No, not the suitcases...I was on top of that this time. Instead I'm sorting through the multitude of memories and emotions that I've brought back from this particular trip to my home state. This first trip with Silas. … Continue reading Editing & Processing

Not for the Faint of Heart

I felt the warmth spread across my leg, watching in disbelief as my 5-week-old son peed all over my lap. It wasn't just a leak, it was a full-on stream of pee that left a puddle on my left thigh. An auspicious start to my 2.5 hour flight home from visiting family in Washington state. … Continue reading Not for the Faint of Heart