Thank God, life is hard.

Throughout Scripture there is reference after reference to rejoicing in persecution, exulting in our tribulations and finding joy in our trials. Never have I heard of a person actually doing this. When the pastor opens up the service to a time of thanksgiving, people in the crowd lift up their voices to worship God for … Continue reading Thank God, life is hard.

Searching for Treasures

Some of my most cherished memories from growing up are from when we would go visit my cousins on the northeastern tip of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. The little town of Port Townsend was one of my favorite destinations with its ornate Victorian buildings and its proximity to the Puget Sound. As we drove … Continue reading Searching for Treasures

A Sign of the Times

Leaves change from green to brilliant shades of yellow, orange and red. Despite the bright sun, the air is crisp and snaps against your cheeks, turning them the same red as the leaves on the ground. Schoolchildren stand on street corners, waiting for the big yellow bus that will deposit them at school. Your tastes … Continue reading A Sign of the Times

Shots, a Sucker and some Grace

Yesterday I took all four kids to the doctor. Yes, I'm crazy. With Eli starting Kindergarten in a couple of weeks and Silas turning two months on Sunday we were in need of check-ups. Height, weight and vitals were all taken and recorded. For those interested, Silas now weighs 14.8 lbs and is 24" long. … Continue reading Shots, a Sucker and some Grace