Five Minute Friday: Disappointment

Disappointment was what I felt when I checked Lisa-Jo's site for this week's Five Minute Friday prompt. I didn't join up last week, and was looking forward to the community and inspiration. Here's my attempt to participate, despite my lack of prompt. I still followed the rules: write for five minutes, and don't go back and … Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Disappointment

When Daily Bread Goes Stale

Each morning they picked up their bread from the ground, for forty years. On a journey they weren’t expecting, impatient with God’s misdirection and seeming neglect, the Israelites harvested the honey-flavored wafers that fell like snow each morning with the dew. They’d never seen anything like it, which is how it got its name: manna, … Continue reading When Daily Bread Goes Stale

The Last Meal

All she needed to do was make a single cake. The fire cracked and snapped beside her, as she carefully measured out the remnants of flour and oil. For days she had watched as the supply dwindled, numb to the reality of what was ahead. They would die. With nothing to eat, nowhere to go, … Continue reading The Last Meal

What I Learned from Bob Ross

When was the last time you sat and watched Bob Ross? You know, the Happy Little Trees guy? He's a staple on public broadcasting. With his symmetrical afro and soothing tones, he astonishes me with his ability to create a tranquil nature scene on canvas in under an hour. As a child I remember sitting … Continue reading What I Learned from Bob Ross