Five Minute Friday: Whole

Today I'm linking up once again with Lisa-Jo for Five Minute Friday. She challenges us to take five minutes and write {unedited} as we will. It's always interesting to me to compare my spontaneous reaction with others. This week's prompt is "whole," and my brain seemed overrun with ways it could have gone. Of course,... Continue Reading →


Five Minute Friday: Still

I must begin today's post by gloating over the fact that I got to eat dinner with the fantabulous Keri from Pop Parables last night, and meet in person the wonderful men in her life! There's something about breaking bread together that seems to solidify a relationship, and it felt so familiar and comfortable to... Continue Reading →

Five Minute Friday: When Seasons Change

We made it! Friday seemed a long time coming this week... Once again I'm linking up with Lisa-Jo for Five Minute Friday! Her prompt this week is: When seasons change... So, here's my five-minute {unedited} thoughts on changing seasons...if you've got five minutes to spare, link up your own post or leave a comment below.... Continue Reading →

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