{unpacking christmas}

The smell of pine needles reminds me of home. Some people like to choose the noble fir, but the lowly douglas is the one that brings back memories of Christmas in the Northwest. Thirty years ago my parents celebrated my first Christmas with me. I was 6 lbs, 15 oz at birth, just like my … Continue reading {unpacking christmas}

At random

I'm having trouble concentrating today. There's random jumbling around my head. So forgive the unpolished words and crazy flow...this is me without my makeup on: I'm excited because I was asked to be a regular blogger for the Fresh Brew blog at Ungrind.org! When I first started out writing, the editor there, Ashleigh, was the … Continue reading At random

Searching for Treasures

Some of my most cherished memories from growing up are from when we would go visit my cousins on the northeastern tip of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. The little town of Port Townsend was one of my favorite destinations with its ornate Victorian buildings and its proximity to the Puget Sound. As we drove … Continue reading Searching for Treasures

My Mom

My mom reads my blog every day...in fact, I frequently write posts wondering how she'll react or what she'll think. Not once has she commented, and I doubt she ever will. Her comments come at 5:30 PM as she's driving home from work. That's when she's bored and she calls me to check in. This … Continue reading My Mom