Five Minute Friday: Still

I must begin today’s post by gloating over the fact that I got to eat dinner with the fantabulous Keri from Pop Parables last night, and meet in person the wonderful men in her life! There’s something about breaking bread together that seems to solidify a relationship, and it felt so familiar and comfortable to be sitting around chatting over a meal as our kids blasted each other with squirt guns in her backyard. This is what I love about social media! I am forever grateful to yet another great lady, Angela at The Coupon Project, for introducing us.

Ok, enough gloating…

I missed out on Five Minute Friday last week, and I truly did miss it. Today, Lisa-Jo is hosting it over at (In)Courage! So, take five minutes, ponder what “still” means to you, and let it all slip out for us to enjoy!


The house is quiet, finally, and I can hear the ticking of the clock that’s hung on the wall since my childhood over the tapping of the computer keys. It’s strange to be back in the house of a parent, when I’m now a parent myself. There’s grace here for the give and take of parent and child. Although I have my own to raise, I’m still a daughter and remember to respect my elders.

Josh is working tomorrow, a temporary (maybe) job that requires him to be up and out by 6 AM. He hasn’t had a schedule like that for over five years. We have to adjust to a new pace of life, and for all of the changes that accompany a move. Weather, allergies, nature, family; all things that have grown unfamiliar in our time away.

We’ve been worried, just a little, as our plans remain uncertain and our financial cushion dwindles. Our faith becoming more an act of will than a bold declaration inspired by feelings. That’s ok though, God is good through it all and His actions are not dependent on our feelings. 

For now, my mind finds a sense of peace, settling around the thought as the house settles around me…

He is God still.


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