Guest Post – Sharon

Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout April & May I have dedicated to guest writers. When Sharon first contacted me about writing a guest post, I was unaware of the story she and her sister shared. As I read through the post, I was reminded just how powerful love can be in the life of another. Interest … Continue reading Guest Post – Sharon


My Sister Got Her Head Stuck in a Bridge

Every family has their stories. You know the ones, the embarrassing anecdotes that remain funny no matter how many times you tell them. In my family, it starts out with, “My sister got her head stuck in a bridge.” Right from the start you can tell that this is going to be an unusual and … Continue reading My Sister Got Her Head Stuck in a Bridge

Oh, for goodness sake…

It was the summer before 6th grade and the first time my mom had ever left me home on my own. I could see the independence of adulthood looming before me, all I had to do was follow the rules: Rule #1: Don't call any friends. Rule #2: Don't have any friends over. Rule #3: … Continue reading Oh, for goodness sake…