Deep Thoughts by Melissa Brotherton

The outlook of a day can change in just a few hours, from gray and overcast to bright and sunny.

If you’re discouraged about what’s happening, give it a few minutes.

Adventures are everywhere. What you see isn’t always all there is. Take time to investigate and look around you.

Life can get noisy, and distracting. In those moments, tune it all out and wait for it to pass.

Take new challenges one step at a time.

When all else fails, throw your head back, hang on for dear life, and enjoy the ride.

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Hospitals, Birthdays and M&Ms

Last week did not turn out at all as I had planned.

Thursday morning I ended up in the ER with Silas because he was having difficulty breathing. For five hours I listened to the emergencies of people around me:

a 90-year-old man with a fall from an injury, who hated doctors and hospitals because they keep you alive and he was ready to die

an older Mexican gentleman and his son, the man thought he was having a heart attack, but it turns out he was just constipated from his diet of mostly plantains (and bananas)

a young girl who got a concussion after falling on her head during a cheerleading routine

After ruling out pneumonia and RSV, the doctor’s decided that Silas was just reacting to a virus. When numerous breathing treatments failed to help, they admitted him Thursday night.

Over the next two days Silas was hooked up to an oxygen tube and a sensor that monitored his pulse and oxygen levels. The hospital opened an entire floor for us, we had two nurses all our own and a personal security guard sitting outside our door.

I learned a lot over those two days:

  • I could watch USA Network all day. I did watch USA Network all day.
  • Lunch and dinner in the hospital are always accompanied by dessert. Stop telling me dessert is not part of a balanced diet.
  • Being woken up ten minutes after I finally get Silas asleep and fall asleep myself makes me a Very Grumpy Person.
  • Physical, emotional and mental stress makes me crave peanut M&Ms (thank you Joshie for helping me out with that).
  • Not all of my family checks Facebook regularly — you need to call them, and not just update your status (sorry Dad — I’ll call next time).
  • If you tell your doctor to put in orders that your sleeping baby should not be woken up, you get much better sleep.
  • You may think you’re being nice in having a conversation with your personal security guard, instead you end up creeped out by their admiration for the Saw killer and anecdotes on how their wife tried to run them over with their car.
  • Two days away from home, with meals in bed, is not always as relaxing as it sounds.

Silas was discharged Saturday night, and we’re so happy to be back home. He’s still receiving breathing treatments, steroids and antibiotics at home, but he’s much better.

Yesterday was my 31st birthday. I spent the entire day sleeping, fighting off a cold of my own. Thank goodness I already have a birthday season in place, right? We’ll be partyin’ partyin’ partyin’ YEAH! for the next week.

How was your weekend?

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Someone please make it stop!

My kids are growing up. Quickly. It’s like I blinked and suddenly a year has gone by. Didn’t we just bring Baby Silas home, and send little Eli off to Kindergarten? How is it already almost April?! I guess I’ve been a little busier than I realized.

Did you know Silas (aka Soggy Head) has teeth now? He has four! He loves to grab the sides of my face and gnaw on my chin — I don’t love it so much. Still the adamant momma’s boy, his favorite thing is to “walk” around the kitchen holding on to my legs.

Ezra (aka Fat Baby) has way too much to say. Some days I just pause, realizing I’m having a conversation with him. Who said he could have an opinion and thoughts of his own?! And don’t let that serious face fool you, this one is joyously following in the footsteps of his daddy and Papa Gary — ever the comedian.

Princess Pootie-Pants revels in her role of sole girly-girl in our family. If I wouldn’t have already sold my iPhone, I would now as I watch Cora walk around with her laptop and cell phone. She is constantly “texting” her best friend “Welly,” or chatting on the phone with our neighbor, Candace. We’re in super big trouble when she actually has minute and text limits!!


This picture makes me want to cry. Eli is so huge! And Silas looks just like Eli as a baby. I feel like I’m looking at a picture of Eli holding himself. He reads now. Today he told me that he’s got a girlfriend; she suggested it. Haha! But, he still wants me to cuddle him after he wakes up, so I am not too sad…

There are tough days; days where I crave a break, hide in the bathroom and apologize way too many times for losing my temper. When I really think about it, and look into their eyes, I cannot think of anything I’d rather do right now than be their mama. Cuddling with them on the couch. Stirring gallons of chocolate milk. Wiping, wiping, wiping. Kissing their boo-boos. Cheering for their accomplishments. And lots of kisses.

I really am blessed.

Sometimes these everyday moments just pass me by.

I need to pause, take a second, and recognize the good God has given.

What moments today in your life do you need to pause and thank God for?

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3 Things I Learned {then Forgot} Through Fasting

And then Silas threw up on me…

Anyone else sensing a trend?

Thursday night last week, rather than spending the evening out at some fancy restaurant celebrating my ten year anniversary with my husband, I was sitting in a vomit-soaked sweatshirt at Urgent Care with Silas. He has pneumonia. Yes, it’s sad. Yes, he’s getting better. No, I’m not telling you this to get sympathy.

Last week was rough. Uncharacteristically, we had something every night of the week. We cared for our children and tried to catch a few hours sleep, rotating between our overcrowded bed and the living room sofa.

We kept saying we missed each other.

Today I figured it out.

It’s been a week since we finished our 21-day fast. For three weeks Josh and I shut off the media to spend time together seeking God; praying, reading scripture and classic devotionals, and worshiping. There were some nights that didn’t turn out the way we’d planned, but for the most part we experienced moments of peace together after our children were in bed.

It was lovely.

Then last week happened.

And I saw how quickly I can abandon the good habits God cultivates in me. We were distracted, rushed and overwhelmed…in a week with only four work days.

I forgot the very things God was speaking to me during my fast:

{Live sacrifice.}

Put down the book/remote/computer/smart phone/distraction and spend some time grafted into Him.

{Conflict isn’t always an attack from the Enemy…}

Sometimes it’s God dredging up the gunk from the bottom so it can be skimmed off the surface. Instead of looking at times of tension or frustrations with Josh, the kids, a situation as a hinderance, I need to pause and ask God if He’s showing me something that needs to be discarded.

{Expectations are not the same as expectancy.}

When I have expectations for how I think life should go, I limit God and others from working in my life in unforeseen ways. Expectancy is thinking and hoping that something will happen.


In John 15 Jesus talks about our relationship with Him, using the example of a vineyard. We are branches attached to Him, the vine. When grafting in a branch to the rootstock, cuts are made. Then the grafted branch gets tied to the root, held there in place until it can remain on its own.

Cuts have been made in my life, and right now God is holding me close to Him; supporting me as I press in further and grow attached to the root, Jesus.

Rather than feel discouraged about my inability to support myself, I lean fully into God and draw closer to the source of my strength.

Now it’s time to shut off the computer…

For those of you who joined us in our time of fasting,
I would love to hear a testimony of what you experienced!

If you weren’t fasting with us, what is something that God showed you over the weekend?

{Speaking of testimonies, I am sharing today over at the Everyday Testimony Project! Come find out the thing that I still don’t get about God.}
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