Deep Thoughts by Melissa Brotherton

The outlook of a day can change in just a few hours, from gray and overcast to bright and sunny. If you're discouraged about what's happening, give it a few minutes. Adventures are everywhere. What you see isn't always all there is. Take time to investigate and look around you. Life can get noisy, and... Continue Reading →


Hospitals, Birthdays and M&Ms

Last week did not turn out at all as I had planned. Thursday morning I ended up in the ER with Silas because he was having difficulty breathing. For five hours I listened to the emergencies of people around me: a 90-year-old man with a fall from an injury, who hated doctors and hospitals because... Continue Reading →

3 Things I Learned {then Forgot} Through Fasting

And then Silas threw up on me... Anyone else sensing a trend? Thursday night last week, rather than spending the evening out at some fancy restaurant celebrating my ten year anniversary with my husband, I was sitting in a vomit-soaked sweatshirt at Urgent Care with Silas. He has pneumonia. Yes, it's sad. Yes, he's getting... Continue Reading →

…and then Silas pooped on the floor

Do you ever have one of those days? The one that includes:!/melissa_rae/status/37237562137382912 I know you do, and I love when you share them with me on Twitter or Facebook. Suddenly I feel more human, like I'm in community! Things have felt a little heavy to me over the last week; you may not have... Continue Reading →

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