Five Minute Friday :: Hard Love

Yay! It’s Friday! I don’t know about you, but this was a crazy long week for me!!

I really missed not participating in Lisa-Jo’s Five Minute Friday last week. This week’s prompt is Hard Love. 

If you have a minute {or five} you should write up your own post, link it over at Lisa-Jo’s blog, and check out what other’s had to say.


Nothing has taught me more how selfish I am than marriage and my children. I once thought I was a pretty good person: generous, caring, outgoing.

In the first few years of life as a Mrs., I discovered that I like things my way. Apparently I told Josh that we had to use the same towel, because I didn’t want to have too much laundry. I don’t remember this, and I question his memory, but I wouldn’t have put it past me. Thinking I had it all figured out; I was the marriage expert. Life showed me that just reading a few books and having some thoughts does not an expert make.

Pretty soon I felt like the crucible was over. I’d come through the fire, tested and purified. NOW…now I was a selfless and wonderful person.

Enter Baby Eli. Then Baby Cora. Then Baby Ezra. Then Baby Silas.

With each one the layers of my selfishness get peeled away. Revealing deeper and hidden truths of the decay that needs to be rooted out. I don’t really enjoy it. I’d like to go back to the time when I thought I was ok. Can I keep the husband and children, though?

Now that I can’t have any more children…does that mean that I’m done being selfish?

Oh wait…now we’re going into ministry…


What about love is hard for you?

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