Transforming my crazy

Yesterday I shared my crazy. Today, I want to share God's crazy. Can I be honest with you and say that these posts this week have been hard for me? As much as I felt like this topic was something that would be good to talk about, to air out in the open, I have … Continue reading Transforming my crazy


The secret about loneliness is…

I'm lonely by choice. Yup, for all my whining and complaining about feeling isolated, it's All. My. Fault. When invited to attend this new bible study or that event, my default response is, "No." There's always an excuse or reason to justify my exclusion, but the reality of the situation is that I'm not trying very … Continue reading The secret about loneliness is…

Navigating the Friendship Dump

“You’re not my best friend.” Sitting in the kitchen, I heard my son say those dreaded words to our neighbor boy. Instantly making him apologize, I explained to him that “we” don’t talk to our friends like that. My son apologized, they went back to playing their video game and everything was fine. Their interaction … Continue reading Navigating the Friendship Dump