A Day in the Life

"Wow! You've got your hands full!" I smile and nod as I manuever my way through the waiting room, lugging the infant carrier, trying not to knock the people I pass in the head or shoulder. I watch as the older three attack the play area, praying that there's no fights or trips to the … Continue reading A Day in the Life

Not because you told me to

Mrs. Piggle Wiggle always knew what to do. Parents would come to her, looking for a cure for their "thought-you-saiders" and "slow-eater-tiny-bite-takers." At the end of each chapter the child was cured. It was like a literary sitcom. Recently I feel like I've contracted one of the ailments from the book, I am an Answer-Backer. … Continue reading Not because you told me to

It’s Not About Me

The truth is, God gives you wisdom and direction and morality and His presence and support, and then asks you to live, to conquer, to risk and experience the whole of life. People grow when they are in motion. - Donald Miller Recently Bonnie Gray over at Faith Barista passed on a challenge from Donald … Continue reading It’s Not About Me