Guest Post – Moe Vivas

Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout May I have dedicated to guest writers. As I've gotten to know Moe, through his blog and Twitter, I have come to appreciate his perspective on life. He uses humor and story to share his thoughts on technology, Biblical characters and the particularly disturbing saga of a canary. I am delighted … Continue reading Guest Post – Moe Vivas

Checking In

The new year smell is starting to fade. What once appeared shiny, flawless and brilliant is slowly slipping into dull, scuffed and ordinary. Words, resolutions, goals that brought a sense of hope, destiny and purpose now have to be lived out in the day-to-day. We're a little over one week into 2011, how are you … Continue reading Checking In


For my fifth birthday my grandpa took me out and got me a puppy. Without asking my parents first. But that's another story. Bringing home that wiggly little bundle of red fur was so exciting. He was a Vizsla, we named him Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors; we called him Joe. After the … Continue reading Release!

He Restores My Soul

This morning it was just me and him. The older two went to the movies, Silas was sleeping. Memories of only child Eli came wafting back. Ezra would never get to be the only child, but at that moment he was my only child. I purposely turned off the tv, put down my phone and … Continue reading He Restores My Soul