Not for the Faint of Heart

I felt the warmth spread across my leg, watching in disbelief as my 5-week-old son peed all over my lap. It wasn't just a leak, it was a full-on stream of pee that left a puddle on my left thigh. An auspicious start to my 2.5 hour flight home from visiting family in Washington state. … Continue reading Not for the Faint of Heart

I Need a Nap

Two weeks ago today Silas was born. I haven't slept much since then. I'm not complaining...I wasn't sleeping much in the weeks leading up to his birth either. It's infinitely better to be able to cuddle, kiss and hold the source of my insomnia. Life seems like it's on hold right now. My days consist … Continue reading I Need a Nap

Dear Dad

This is my dad. He's an ironworker, classic rock lover, Harley-riding, all out man of God. Over the years he's taught me a lot (when I've let him) and has definitely shaped who I am today. A few years ago he had a milestone birthday and I was having difficulty deciding what an appropriate gift … Continue reading Dear Dad

Meet Baby #4

Months of heartburn and nausea... Weeks of false labor... Days of wonder and anticipation... Hours of contractions... Minutes of intensity... Have all ended in this: Silas Griffin Elliott Brotherton 8 lbs., 4 oz. 20" long Born June 15th @ 7:14 AM (Sign up to get this blog by email or¬†subscribe in a Reader) [tweetmeme = … Continue reading Meet Baby #4