How Great is your God?

"Mommy, I had a bad dream." This nightly occurrence sometimes leaves me exasperated. My children know that if they tell me they've had a bad dream I will usually ignore the fact that they're out of bed. Again. Occasionally I know that they are just faking it...because it's hard to have a nightmare if you … Continue reading How Great is your God?

A Day in the Life

"Wow! You've got your hands full!" I smile and nod as I manuever my way through the waiting room, lugging the infant carrier, trying not to knock the people I pass in the head or shoulder. I watch as the older three attack the play area, praying that there's no fights or trips to the … Continue reading A Day in the Life

He Restores My Soul

This morning it was just me and him. The older two went to the movies, Silas was sleeping. Memories of only child Eli came wafting back. Ezra would never get to be the only child, but at that moment he was my only child. I purposely turned off the tv, put down my phone and … Continue reading He Restores My Soul

A Change is on the Horizon

This September Elijah will begin half-day Kindergarten. I'm terrified! That I won't know what he's learning. That I won't know who he's spending time with. That I'm losing him. I thought about home schooling him. I want to just keep him home with me all day. We'd do field trips to the zoo, museums, etc. … Continue reading A Change is on the Horizon