Guest Post – Lauren Sykes

Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout April & May (and beyond) I have dedicated to guest writers. Today I'm pleased to introduce you to a fellow Chick-fil-a lover; Lauren is the individual to blame for my current addiction. The beauty and vulnerability she displays in her writing is something I greatly admire. I can't wait to meet … Continue reading Guest Post – Lauren Sykes

Just One of Those Days

My vision blurs. At first I think it's my contacts being funky, but then I recognize the tell-tale fuzz of an impending migraine. Makes sense considering I only got 3 hours sleep the night before. The bummer about my migraines is that they announce their arrival before the pain comes. So I just sit there, … Continue reading Just One of Those Days

Too Deep for Words

Friday my Grandma made the choice that she was done fighting. My family have all spent the last few days in her hospital room; crying, laughing, sharing, comforting. I have spent the last few days mourning someone who's still here...but lost to me. I was able to talk to her Saturday night on the phone, … Continue reading Too Deep for Words