Being almost twelve years into marriage and over eight years into parenting, you'd think that the time for creating new family traditions would be done and over. However, most of our family traditions were forged in sunny Southern California where the weather and lifestyle is vastly different from the Pacific Northwest. Vastly different. This year, … Continue reading {timber}

Where I’m From

I am from rope swings hanging from a cherry tree in the backyard, from Adam's peanut butter and Easter dresses that stand up on their own. I am from a modular home broken in half, cement ponds and tennis courts, and small fingers in tree bark crevices as I climb to pine-scented heights. I am … Continue reading Where I’m From

When is an Update not an Update?

When you have nothing to tell... Today I was folding 12 loads of laundry at the laundromat -- a task that left a lot of time for thinking, especially since the two TVs were playing dueling soap operas. Turning to the load of hot-from-the-dryer darks, I picked up one of my husband's work shirts. "He … Continue reading When is an Update not an Update?