Food for the Soul

As much as we fed our stomaches this year, with turkey and mashed potatoes smothered in gravy... Our hearts and souls were fed by brothers bundled up together in footie pajamas, By cuddles in a big chair when we're all feeling a little under the weather, By moments captured in time, of friends taking part … Continue reading Food for the Soul


Thank God, life is hard.

Throughout Scripture there is reference after reference to rejoicing in persecution, exulting in our tribulations and finding joy in our trials. Never have I heard of a person actually doing this. When the pastor opens up the service to a time of thanksgiving, people in the crowd lift up their voices to worship God for … Continue reading Thank God, life is hard.


I bought my kids piggy banks. This way they can store up their pennies, nickels, and dimes for the future. Tucked away in the dark, the coins accumulate and wait for a future day when they will be redeemed for toys or candy. I have a piggy bank, too. Mine isn't full of copper and … Continue reading Smash