Five Minute Friday: New


This week has been hectic, which could have influenced the direction I took for Five Minute Friday.

Five Minute Friday is hosted by Lisa-Jo.

It’s taking the prompt {new} and following it where it will go for five minutes of unedited, free writing.

Before I begin, and in the spirit of “new” I wanted to share with you some of my discoveries from this week:

  • When your mom is allergic to flowers — and you live with her — swedish fish are an excellent substitute romantic gift from your husband! Thanks, Josh!
  • My friend introduced me to the poetry of Billy Collins. I have never had much use for poetry — I’m more prosy — but I have really enjoyed his writing. If you get a chance, check him out!
  • It is usually a good idea to reapply sunscreen on your children when you have them out in the sun swimming for five hours…even if you’re in Washington, and you slathered them in SPF 50 beforehand. If you don’t, they tend to turn a little pink. Ouch.
  • Knitting groups are not just for old ladies. They can be fun, social and inspiring! Check out my newest project that I started last night!
Ok, now on to the real post…here we…


New mom’s crack me up. They read all the literature, they know all the statistics and they think they’ve got their plan all figured out.

I was that new mom once.

Seven years ago I knew it all. Today I realize I have no clue what I’m doing.

My four children are all different, and they keep changing, which makes it all the more challenging. This one sleeps, this one wakes up — then they switch, and sometimes they all decide that eight hours of sleep is overrated {who am I kidding, I haven’t had eight hours of sleep in eight years}.

Looking back on the journey I’ve taken as a mother in the past few years, I wonder how that corresponds to my growth in other areas. And, what am I doing now that I will look back on and laugh about later?

I know I still make mistakes. I know that my philosophies and theories are flawed and skewed.

God chose me to be my children’s mother, and He’s walking me through it — step-by-step. Solely through His grace and wisdom am I capable of getting up each day and trying again. Through allowing Him to shape my words, actions, opinions and beliefs I am becoming a better mother, a better wife and a better person.

And all I can do is look at those new moms and say, “Sweetheart, it will all change — except for the fact that God is with you always.”


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