What are you waiting for?

I was given a free house cleaning by a friend as a shower present. I have yet to use it. Silas is almost 4 months old. Why haven't I taken advantage of this fantastic gift of someone coming to scrub my toilets and dust my bookshelves? I feel like I have to clean the house … Continue reading What are you waiting for?

Watch What You Say

"Melissa, put your hand over your mouth and leave it there for 5 minutes." The giggling of my classmates did not help. My face aflame, I tried to make a joke out of the reprimand. I clapped my hand to my mouth, the sting rivaling the verbal slap I'd just received from the teacher. It … Continue reading Watch What You Say


Transition. Change. Growth. Maturity. Baby boy -- too tall now for footie pajamas, feet dangling as we carry him to bed. This week he heads off into the great unknown of Kindergarten. Release being forced, as hands want to grip tight. Hold on, you're moving too fast. Just pause for a second longer. His impatience … Continue reading Turning

My, Aren’t We Nosey

What is it about human nature that makes us so concerned with the lives of others? A trip through the check-out line at the grocery store inevitably includes being bombarded by numerous publications that make their money spreading the latest gossip about celebrities. Who's dating who? Can you believe they wore that? Guess how she … Continue reading My, Aren’t We Nosey