I’ve Discovered I Was Wrong

Lately I've been pondering what ministry actually is.  And I've come to the conclusion that I've had it wrong for many, many years. Ministry has evolved in my mind from something you do at a specific location, to a way of living life. A little less than a decade ago, we ministered to college age … Continue reading I’ve Discovered I Was Wrong

The Weight of Glory

This weekend Josh and I headed out on a date to the Getty Villa in Malibu. This spectacular museum, dedicated to the art and antiquities from ancient Greece and Rome, also includes a beautiful reproduction of a traditional Roman garden. Of course, art inspires art, so we had our camera at the ready. As I … Continue reading The Weight of Glory

My, Aren’t We Nosey?

What is it about human nature that makes us so concerned with the lives of others? A trip through the check-out line at the grocery store inevitably includes bombardment by numerous publications, ones that make their money spreading the latest gossip about celebrities. Who's dating who? Can you believe they wore that? Guess how she … Continue reading My, Aren’t We Nosey?

The Next Top Iron Pastor America

  I’m somewhat addicted to food competition reality TV shows.     And by somewhat, I mean completely addicted. My DVR is full of Top this and Next that and Chefs made from Iron. As a connoisseur of this genre, I feel that I can now provide some insight into the contestants. There are three … Continue reading The Next Top Iron Pastor America