Laundry Logic from a 3-year-old

Cora has already worn this dress two days in a row. This morning she came in my room and announced: "Mommy, I smelled this dress and it was clean." In response to my skeptical look she licked her finger, rubbed it on her dress and said, "I'll clean it." What does that say about my housekeeping?


5-year-old Logic

"I like cuddling with you, Momma. I don't like cuddling with Daddy cause he has hair in his armpits." It's 11:30 at night and I'm cracking up, laying in bed with Josh and Eli. Eli's too embarrassed to explain to Josh why I'm laughing, so I have to tell Josh why he's an unacceptable cuddle buddy. "Eli, … Continue reading 5-year-old Logic