Light, Dandelions & Sin

Yesterday I had a moment in talking with a friend where I felt God shine a spotlight on an area in my life that needs to change. Have you experienced that? It's extremely uncomfortable. You're going along doing the instinctual, trusting that what's natural is what's right, and then suddenly you're blinded by a floodlight … Continue reading Light, Dandelions & Sin

Nothing to Offer

There are moments when I am presented with situations of deep pain and turmoil in the lives of others. And in those moments I am faced with the reality that I have no clue how to help them. Sitting across from someone, hearing their story and seeing pain in their eyes I long for some … Continue reading Nothing to Offer

Five Minute Friday: Tender

Happy New Year! I know I'm a tad late, but life around my house has been anything but quiet. The combination of a cold/flu epidemic and the Seattle Snowpocalypse has left me feeling somewhat flat and completely exhausted. Therefore, a Five Minute Friday with the GypsyMama is exactly what the doctor ordered! Five minutes of uninterrupted … Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Tender

I’ve Discovered I Was Wrong

Lately I've been pondering what ministry actually is.  And I've come to the conclusion that I've had it wrong for many, many years. Ministry has evolved in my mind from something you do at a specific location, to a way of living life. A little less than a decade ago, we ministered to college age … Continue reading I’ve Discovered I Was Wrong