Baccalaureate is over. Commencement has come and gone. The degree is conferred. And now it's Monday. My husband is a college graduate! What started a little over ten years ago has finally come to completion. The tests, the papers, the night classes are behind us and the future is waiting. Well, not really. Unlike the … Continue reading Gradeated!!

Counting Down

Time is running out! These next few weeks are ones of major transition for our family. They will include the end of a decade long pursuit of education, recognition and title. A goal that at times seemed out of reach, but which God has helped to bring to completion. In just 19 days Josh will … Continue reading Counting Down

Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbors…Conference?

It's starting. I can feel my eyes turning green as I sit here. Conference season is upon me. Leadership conferences. Ministry conferences. Blogging conferences. Writing conferences. You name it, there's most likely a conference for it...and I'm not going. Now before I sound too much like a pouty 5-year-old {too late?} let me take a … Continue reading Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbors…Conference?