Baccalaureate is over. Commencement has come and gone. The degree is conferred. And now it's Monday. My husband is a college graduate! What started a little over ten years ago has finally come to completion. The tests, the papers, the night classes are behind us and the future is waiting. Well, not really. Unlike the... Continue Reading →


Counting Down

Time is running out! These next few weeks are ones of major transition for our family. They will include the end of a decade long pursuit of education, recognition and title. A goal that at times seemed out of reach, but which God has helped to bring to completion. In just 19 days Josh will... Continue Reading →

Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbors…Conference?

It's starting. I can feel my eyes turning green as I sit here. Conference season is upon me. Leadership conferences. Ministry conferences. Blogging conferences. Writing conferences. You name it, there's most likely a conference for it...and I'm not going. Now before I sound too much like a pouty 5-year-old {too late?} let me take a... Continue Reading →

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