The sound of raindrops on the skylight startled me. I'd forgotten the once familiar noise; thought maybe a cat burglar (or just a cat) had landed on our roof. It made me wonder what else that is now common place and overlooked I will one day jump at. I've forgotten the sound of Eli crying. … Continue reading Jumble


When I'm in California, and I hear the word home, I think of Washington. When I've visited Washington, and I hear the word home, I think of California. Apparently home isn't where the heart is, it's where the body isn't. Now, we're moving back home. Our family and friends are eager for our return from … Continue reading Home?

Some little known facts

For all of us non-BlogHer's Pensieve Robin is hosting a BlogHop! What a great opportunity to meet new people while wearing our pajamas!! If I could wear pajamas all day, I would. But I digress... I always hate having to describe myself because I usually just list my roles in life and my accomplishments. I … Continue reading Some little known facts