The sound of raindrops on the skylight startled me. I’d forgotten the once familiar noise; thought maybe a cat burglar (or just a cat) had landed on our roof.

It made me wonder what else that is now common place and overlooked I will one day jump at.

I’ve forgotten the sound of Eli crying.

Mothers can differentiate between their child’s cry and another’s. I was sad that Baby Eli is in some ways now lost to me.

Ezra has pretty much potty trained himself this weekend. My theory is that he’s fed up with waiting for me to settle down and get to it. Postponing seems to be our way of life these past few months. So, he’s taken it upon himself to make use of his froggy toilet. His cheerleading skills are equally impressive.

We’re still not in our own place. Which means that I’m making the hour round trip to the kids’ school twice a day. The words of Eugene Peterson on being a pastor have been my companion. Arthur Morey’s voice is so soothing.

I might actually miss my drive time.

We’re moving this Saturday! Luckily the majority of our possessions are still stacked in boxes in my mom’s garage. It should be our easiest move ever.

Tonight we asked the kids what they’re most excited to unpack.

Cora said Barbies…

Ezra said cars…

Eli yelled, “Wii!”

None of those items have been asked for in the past three months.

I’m really looking forward to a reunion with my Kitchenaid stand mixer and my crock pot. I’ve missed them.

It will be nice to be home; to become familiar again.






This will soon be home once again!

When I’m in California, and I hear the word home, I think of Washington.

When I’ve visited Washington, and I hear the word home, I think of California.

Apparently home isn’t where the heart is, it’s where the body isn’t.

Now, we’re moving back home. Our family and friends are eager for our return from the prodigal land (i.e. California). We’re returning with our arms full of children, instead of empty like that wayward son. For years, our parent have been on the look-out for us, each moment expecting to see us coming round the bend in the road. Till now, our bends have led us away from them. Full circle, we return older, educated and sleep-deprived.

During this season of limbo, between knowing we are moving and the actual move happening, I have not been unaware of the similarity of our situation to that of our spiritual life. Home is here, and home is heaven. We know we are not destined to remain here forever, but we are still living in this space and moment.

Over the next 22 days, Josh and I will be preparing ourselves (and our home and children) for a massive departure. We will purge the unnecessary, pack the memories, plan the route and acquire the tools for travel. However, we will also abide in the moments, savor the “lasts” and cherish the relationships we leave behind (physically, but not emotionally).

In the same way, we Christians live our lives becoming holy and Christ-like looking to our eternity in heaven, while we cultivate and keep the creation God has placed us in and come together as a Body. Home is in the here and now, yet also in the then and there. 

Lord, help us to abide fully in our present, dwelling in your presence, and in communion with one another. Help us to plant down roots in the place you cultivate for us, so that it’s a process to transplant us. Keeping in mind at all times that our ultimate home is with You.

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Some little known facts

For all of us non-BlogHer‘s Pensieve Robin is hosting a BlogHop! What a great opportunity to meet new people while wearing our pajamas!! If I could wear pajamas all day, I would. But I digress…

I always hate having to describe myself because I usually just list my roles in life and my accomplishments. I sometimes think I haven’t represented myself correctly on the Internet because, really, it all goes through the filter of ME.

So, here’s my About Me where you can read the roles.

But here’s some fun stuff because people who already know me are reading this too and I want to make it interesting for all


I live at my church. We call it the compound. It’s crazy because the church sanctuary is right. below. my living room. Right below…as in the walls shake during youth group. The fun part is that some of our best friends also live here so we get this college dorm feeling, without the homework.


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My husband says I’m funniest on Fridays. I think it’s true too. This is most likely due to the fact that I know it’s the weekend and I tend to be less responsible. I get giddy with the idea of two whole days to be free. As a SAHM you’d think the weekends wouldn’t be that big of a deal for me. However the weekends mean that my husband’s home (and I love him!).


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I {love} stationary! When I was younger I would write letters to my cousin and never send them. I always dreamed about having a writing desk that opened up and had stacks of clean, crisp writing paper, fun pens, and sealing wax with a seal. A couple of years ago my husband partially made this dream come true by purchasing me the paper, sealing wax and seal for a present. But, unfortunately, no one writes real letters anymore. It’s all texts, email, Facebook, and Twitter — which I also love. So, if you have an unhealthy obsession with receiving letters in the mail (like me) let me know and I’ll be your pen pal.


This blog is mainly full of myself, my family, and my God. I try to have more of my God than myself but I somehow find a way of slipping in to each post. Thankfully, so does He.

If you find any of this interesting, you can

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