My Mom

My mom reads my blog every fact, I frequently write posts wondering how she'll react or what she'll think. Not once has she commented, and I doubt she ever will. Her comments come at 5:30 PM as she's driving home from work. That's when she's bored and she calls me to check in. This … Continue reading My Mom

My Grandma Bev

When I think of my Grandma Bev, I initially think of shopping trips, making my first apple pie, laying out by the pool and watching the Mariners on TV. She had a joy for life and a love of fun that fascinated me. But that wasn’t all there was to her. I’m currently pregnant with … Continue reading My Grandma Bev

Slightly Late New Year’s Resolution

It’s that time again…when everyone lists the things that they don’t like about themselves and want to change. So, what’s it gonna be for me this year? Lose weight…well, that’s not possible until after June because of the small child growing inside of me. But, I could always eat healthier and exercise more. How about … Continue reading Slightly Late New Year’s Resolution