Five Minute Friday: Dive

I find it appropriate that "dive" is the prompt for this week's Five Minute Friday. It's been quite awhile since I participated and I feel like I'm leaping into something again. So, here's 5 minutes of unedited free writing on "dive." GO Sometimes you hold your breath, protecting yourself in an unfamiliar environment. Sometimes you … Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Dive

Look What You Missed

In my daily readings I come across posts that grab me for this reason or that. Today is the day I share them with you! :: 18-years and half my life Reading anything from the Gypsy Mama (aka Lisa-Jo) is like having a giant brownie sundae, it makes you happy and you feel a little … Continue reading Look What You Missed

Not for the Faint of Heart

I felt the warmth spread across my leg, watching in disbelief as my 5-week-old son peed all over my lap. It wasn't just a leak, it was a full-on stream of pee that left a puddle on my left thigh. An auspicious start to my 2.5 hour flight home from visiting family in Washington state. … Continue reading Not for the Faint of Heart

She Healed Me…

The other day Lisa-Jo (aka, The Gypsy Mama) wrote a post about her fear of having a daughter. Somehow my comment to her ended up a little longer than I expected... She suggested I write about it here...but I kinda liked what I'd already written. So, here's what I had to say about having a … Continue reading She Healed Me…