Then God Smacked Me in the Head

“How did we end up with so many McDonald’s toys! Didn’t we just throw them all away?” My kids stare at me, their blank-faces daring me to find an answer to such a rhetorical question. One by one I toss the miniature Barbies, Pokemon characters, and Kung-Fu Panda action figures into the open trash bag. … Continue reading Then God Smacked Me in the Head

Eight Ways to Keep Your Marriage {and Children} Alive

Last week, two of my close friends delivered their firstborn child within days of each other. Overwhelmed by the amount of cute baby pictures being tossed around on Facebook, I also remembered how overwhelmed I felt as a first time mom. Suddenly I was responsible for keeping another human being alive! What if I dropped … Continue reading Eight Ways to Keep Your Marriage {and Children} Alive

My, Aren’t We Nosey?

What is it about human nature that makes us so concerned with the lives of others? A trip through the check-out line at the grocery store inevitably includes bombardment by numerous publications, ones that make their money spreading the latest gossip about celebrities. Who's dating who? Can you believe they wore that? Guess how she … Continue reading My, Aren’t We Nosey?

Guest Post – April McKinnon

Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout April & May I have dedicated to guest writers. Today I'm pleased to introduce you to April McKinnon. What I've come to appreciate as I've gotten to know April is her outlook on life and her attitude. She is an encourager, and she seems to take everything in stride, trusting that God … Continue reading Guest Post – April McKinnon