Quiet Creativity

I say that I want to come to the page with gravity and respect, but then my words feel heavy and fall flat. There's expectation {from myself} that whatever I say must be profound and inspiring. The weight of the pressure I've placed on myself stalls my fingers; I've placed a dam at my heart's … Continue reading Quiet Creativity


216 days

Today's not a milestone. There's no special reason for feeling the way I do. It's been a little over 7 months. 216 days. 5184 hours (give or take a few). Today I really miss my grandma. I'm realizing more and more that there are just days like this. The grief isn't triggered by a song, … Continue reading 216 days

Editing & Processing

We've been back from our trip to Washington for a few days now and I'm still unpacking. No, not the suitcases...I was on top of that this time. Instead I'm sorting through the multitude of memories and emotions that I've brought back from this particular trip to my home state. This first trip with Silas. … Continue reading Editing & Processing