My Mom

My mom reads my blog every fact, I frequently write posts wondering how she'll react or what she'll think. Not once has she commented, and I doubt she ever will. Her comments come at 5:30 PM as she's driving home from work. That's when she's bored and she calls me to check in. This … Continue reading My Mom


Happy Birthday to Me…

I turn 30 tomorrow. As I've sensed its approach, I looked forward to turning 30 as a transition into adulthood. My 20s were a time of new beginnings: college, marriage, parenthood, ministry. I felt that my 30s would be a time of improvement and refining. I had no idea what I would be dealing with … Continue reading Happy Birthday to Me…

My God is Faithful

When I saw the word for this week's One Word at a Time Blog Carnival I didn't plan on participating. Faithfulness. Obviously you could talk about marriage, friendship and more -- but the faithfulness of God was what came to my mind. I really wasn't feeling like God was very faithful. Right there this tells … Continue reading My God is Faithful