{Mommy Must Have} Giveaway!

This picture was taken two years ago while our family was apple picking. Many people saw this picture and assumed I'd stuck Ezra in my shirt. Instead, he's cuddled up in what has become one of my Mommy Must-Haves. Can you believe how much he's grown? He still likes to cuddle up on his momma … Continue reading {Mommy Must Have} Giveaway!


At least he didn’t kiss her…

"Mommy, I really like Aleah." "That's good Lij." "No. I mean, I really like her. We like each other." "Like, she's your girlfriend?" "Yeah." "Did you kiss her?" "Nooooooo!" "Are you sure you didn't kiss her?" "Yeaaaah." "Ok." "It's like we fell in love." {Sigh} So, it begins. :: Tomorrow I'm doing another giveaway! I … Continue reading At least he didn’t kiss her…

Giveaway Winner & my Friday Favs!

Here we are once again...it's Friday! I'm super excited because we're going to the mountains today! Josh was asked to attend Life Pacific's Fall Retreat this year and the thought of being home alone with all four kids for two whole days had me terrified. Luckily, our friend, who also works at the college, pulled … Continue reading Giveaway Winner & my Friday Favs!

Permission to Speak Freely: Book Review & Giveaway

After reading Mad Church Disease earlier this year I eagerly anticipated¬†Anne Jackson's latest book, Permission to Speak Freely. Once again, Jackson is tackling a topic within the church today that's not getting much coverage. This time instead of showing how the church asks too much, she's pointing out that it doesn't ask enough. In May … Continue reading Permission to Speak Freely: Book Review & Giveaway