Beautifully Broken

Tears pool at the base of my neck. My nose threatens to drip any second. My checks burn hot and my eyes are puffy. I'm not feeling beautiful today. My insides scream for someone to notice the pain I'm going through. See me! Help me! Instead, I walk around in an invisibility cloak of my … Continue reading Beautifully Broken


Baby Kicks

I've been busy today...running errands, taking care of kids, cleaning the house. This afternoon as I was driving around it hit me that I couldn't remember feeling the baby kick. I started concentrating on my stomach, willing him to kick. Nothing. All sorts of doubts and fears instantly rushed into my mind. Every story I'd … Continue reading Baby Kicks

Navigating the Friendship Dump

“You’re not my best friend.” Sitting in the kitchen, I heard my son say those dreaded words to our neighbor boy. Instantly making him apologize, I explained to him that “we” don’t talk to our friends like that. My son apologized, they went back to playing their video game and everything was fine. Their interaction … Continue reading Navigating the Friendship Dump

What’s in a Name?

By this time in the pregnancy we usually have a name. This is our fourth child and we're having a hard time deciding what to call him. Baby boy? Number 4? Axel? There's a lot of names that we have found that sound nice...but none of them have that neon sign flashing over it saying, … Continue reading What’s in a Name?