Moby Wrap Giveaway Winner & Friday Favs

I've had so much fun with this giveaway! It has excited me from day 1! Unfortunately, I can't give each of you a wrap. So, without further ado, the winner is: Joel* Can I just say, I thought it was so great that this husband came and commented to garner his wife another chance! And, … Continue reading Moby Wrap Giveaway Winner & Friday Favs

Look What You Missed (Again)!

So these posts this week made me want to go out and find a prostitute. Not because of any reason you possibly are thinking of, but because each one dealt with loving our neighbor; our immediate neighbor. And no, I'm not calling my neighbors prostitutes. :: Gah, you Christians are SO judgmental! I discovered a … Continue reading Look What You Missed (Again)!

Giveaway Winner & my Friday Favs!

Here we are once's Friday! I'm super excited because we're going to the mountains today! Josh was asked to attend Life Pacific's Fall Retreat this year and the thought of being home alone with all four kids for two whole days had me terrified. Luckily, our friend, who also works at the college, pulled … Continue reading Giveaway Winner & my Friday Favs!

Friday Favorites

I read a lot of blogs. There are people who I check in with daily, and there are others that just pique my interest with their titles as they go flying by on Twitter. I love hearing other people's thoughts, peering into their lives and learning from what God is telling them. I fully intended … Continue reading Friday Favorites