Five Minute Friday: Gift

I got my pastoral license in the mail last weekend. Staring at the official seal, and my name under the words "License to Preach," I felt overwhelmed and unprepared. As I thought about Lisa-Jo's prompt for today's Five Minute Friday, the verse about children being a gift from the Lord cycled on repeat through my … Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Gift

Eight Ways to Keep Your Marriage {and Children} Alive

Last week, two of my close friends delivered their firstborn child within days of each other. Overwhelmed by the amount of cute baby pictures being tossed around on Facebook, I also remembered how overwhelmed I felt as a first time mom. Suddenly I was responsible for keeping another human being alive! What if I dropped … Continue reading Eight Ways to Keep Your Marriage {and Children} Alive

Your Newborn is Ugly

Having just gone through hours of labor -- the pain of childbirth -- you are basking in the glow of first sight and first sounds. Cuddling your soft, warm, adorable newborn child in your arms, a visitor arrives... ...and tells you she's ugly. They go on to tell you that things just go downhill from there. They … Continue reading Your Newborn is Ugly

Five Minute Friday: On Forgetting

Woohoo! Friday, people! And it's a three-day weekend to boot! I'm super excited for this weekend, because we have a good friend staying with us for a few days. And, Josh and I get another date night, this time to attend the wedding of a couple that we love! Also, it's Five Minute Friday again! … Continue reading Five Minute Friday: On Forgetting