Not what I was expecting

It’s October, which means we’re officially in Fall. At my house we’re discussing Halloween costume choices – my son will again be a Star Wars character and my daughter a princess. We’re also planning our annual apple-picking trip. Then there’s Thanksgiving dinner to think of. I’m sure it’s the same for you. But not quite. … Continue reading Not what I was expecting

A Sign of the Times

Leaves change from green to brilliant shades of yellow, orange and red. Despite the bright sun, the air is crisp and snaps against your cheeks, turning them the same red as the leaves on the ground. Schoolchildren stand on street corners, waiting for the big yellow bus that will deposit them at school. Your tastes … Continue reading A Sign of the Times


Transition. Change. Growth. Maturity. Baby boy -- too tall now for footie pajamas, feet dangling as we carry him to bed. This week he heads off into the great unknown of Kindergarten. Release being forced, as hands want to grip tight. Hold on, you're moving too fast. Just pause for a second longer. His impatience … Continue reading Turning