Reluctant missionary

"I feel like missions is in our future." As usual I was whispering to Josh during church; a very bad habit of mine. "Haven't you noticed that every time missionaries come visit we get all excited about missions," I whispered in his ear. The couple at the front of the sanctuary were describing to us … Continue reading Reluctant missionary


Not what I was expecting

It’s October, which means we’re officially in Fall. At my house we’re discussing Halloween costume choices – my son will again be a Star Wars character and my daughter a princess. We’re also planning our annual apple-picking trip. Then there’s Thanksgiving dinner to think of. I’m sure it’s the same for you. But not quite. … Continue reading Not what I was expecting

The secret about loneliness is…

I'm lonely by choice. Yup, for all my whining and complaining about feeling isolated, it's All. My. Fault. When invited to attend this new bible study or that event, my default response is, "No." There's always an excuse or reason to justify my exclusion, but the reality of the situation is that I'm not trying very … Continue reading The secret about loneliness is…