Your Newborn is Ugly

Having just gone through hours of labor -- the pain of childbirth -- you are basking in the glow of first sight and first sounds. Cuddling your soft, warm, adorable newborn child in your arms, a visitor arrives... ...and tells you she's ugly. They go on to tell you that things just go downhill from there. They … Continue reading Your Newborn is Ugly

Five Minute Friday: Motherhood Should Come With…

These pure and spontaneous pleasures are "patches of Godlight" in the woods of our experience. {C.S. Lewis, Letters to Malcolm} Five Minute Fridays have become "patches of Godlight" for me. In 5 minutes I tap-tap-tap out my spontaneous response to Lisa-Jo's prompt, and then leave it there for you; pure, raw and unedited. Reading how others … Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Motherhood Should Come With…

Checking In

The new year smell is starting to fade. What once appeared shiny, flawless and brilliant is slowly slipping into dull, scuffed and ordinary. Words, resolutions, goals that brought a sense of hope, destiny and purpose now have to be lived out in the day-to-day. We're a little over one week into 2011, how are you … Continue reading Checking In


Yesterday, Lisa-Jo (aka The Gypsy Mama) supplied a place for those who feel forgotten, or overlooked. Individuals who put their heart not just on their sleeve, but on the Interwebs for others to read and respond to. Sometimes people don't always read, and frequently there is little or no response. The question then became, "was … Continue reading {Overlooked}