The sound of raindrops on the skylight startled me. I’d forgotten the once familiar noise; thought maybe a cat burglar (or just a cat) had landed on our roof.

It made me wonder what else that is now common place and overlooked I will one day jump at.

I’ve forgotten the sound of Eli crying.

Mothers can differentiate between their child’s cry and another’s. I was sad that Baby Eli is in some ways now lost to me.

Ezra has pretty much potty trained himself this weekend. My theory is that he’s fed up with waiting for me to settle down and get to it. Postponing seems to be our way of life these past few months. So, he’s taken it upon himself to make use of his froggy toilet. His cheerleading skills are equally impressive.

We’re still not in our own place. Which means that I’m making the hour round trip to the kids’ school twice a day. The words of Eugene Peterson on being a pastor have been my companion. Arthur Morey’s voice is so soothing.

I might actually miss my drive time.

We’re moving this Saturday! Luckily the majority of our possessions are still stacked in boxes in my mom’s garage. It should be our easiest move ever.

Tonight we asked the kids what they’re most excited to unpack.

Cora said Barbies…

Ezra said cars…

Eli yelled, “Wii!”

None of those items have been asked for in the past three months.

I’m really looking forward to a reunion with my Kitchenaid stand mixer and my crock pot. I’ve missed them.

It will be nice to be home; to become familiar again.





Two Weeks Late…

Today Elijah and Cora had their first day of school…almost two weeks after all the other kids in their class. Excitedly they put on their new clothes, carried their new backpacks full of school supplies and new lunch boxes full of enviable snacks. Cheesy grins and tilted heads came out for the obligatory “first-day-of-school” picture, and then we were off.

“I’m kind of nervous.” 

The closer we got to the school, the more they shared about their fears relating to a new school, new teachers, and new friends.

“What if nobody likes me?”

“What’s my teacher’s name again?”

“When will you pick us up?”

Escorted by the school secretary, we dropped off Eli first, barely saying goodbye before she whisked us off to Cora’s class. Looking back his eyes were Charlie Brown-ish in their wide-eyed anxiety. I waved again, to reassure him, and hurried to catch up.

Cora giggled her way through introductions and instructions on where to place her lunch and backpack. She too looked fearful, but covered it up with giddy energy. Once again I’m sending a baby off to school, feeling the slight give as she pulls a step away from me.

I wanted to yank her back, hold her in my arms and run with her to Eli. The amount of change and transition they have experienced in the last few months has been overwhelming. Instead, I walked away, smiling a reassuring smile; my heart tap danced inside my chest.

Calling Josh, we talked about how nervous we each were for them, while at the same time reassuring one another that they would be fine.

And they were.

Six hours later I picked them up; they non-stop chattered about playing Lava Monster at recess, learning to write lowercase “l,” and how they saw each other at lunch.

So begins another school year…




Deep Thoughts by Melissa Brotherton

The outlook of a day can change in just a few hours, from gray and overcast to bright and sunny.

If you’re discouraged about what’s happening, give it a few minutes.

Adventures are everywhere. What you see isn’t always all there is. Take time to investigate and look around you.

Life can get noisy, and distracting. In those moments, tune it all out and wait for it to pass.

Take new challenges one step at a time.

When all else fails, throw your head back, hang on for dear life, and enjoy the ride.

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Someone please make it stop!

My kids are growing up. Quickly. It’s like I blinked and suddenly a year has gone by. Didn’t we just bring Baby Silas home, and send little Eli off to Kindergarten? How is it already almost April?! I guess I’ve been a little busier than I realized.

Did you know Silas (aka Soggy Head) has teeth now? He has four! He loves to grab the sides of my face and gnaw on my chin — I don’t love it so much. Still the adamant momma’s boy, his favorite thing is to “walk” around the kitchen holding on to my legs.

Ezra (aka Fat Baby) has way too much to say. Some days I just pause, realizing I’m having a conversation with him. Who said he could have an opinion and thoughts of his own?! And don’t let that serious face fool you, this one is joyously following in the footsteps of his daddy and Papa Gary — ever the comedian.

Princess Pootie-Pants revels in her role of sole girly-girl in our family. If I wouldn’t have already sold my iPhone, I would now as I watch Cora walk around with her laptop and cell phone. She is constantly “texting” her best friend “Welly,” or chatting on the phone with our neighbor, Candace. We’re in super big trouble when she actually has minute and text limits!!


This picture makes me want to cry. Eli is so huge! And Silas looks just like Eli as a baby. I feel like I’m looking at a picture of Eli holding himself. He reads now. Today he told me that he’s got a girlfriend; she suggested it. Haha! But, he still wants me to cuddle him after he wakes up, so I am not too sad…

There are tough days; days where I crave a break, hide in the bathroom and apologize way too many times for losing my temper. When I really think about it, and look into their eyes, I cannot think of anything I’d rather do right now than be their mama. Cuddling with them on the couch. Stirring gallons of chocolate milk. Wiping, wiping, wiping. Kissing their boo-boos. Cheering for their accomplishments. And lots of kisses.

I really am blessed.

Sometimes these everyday moments just pass me by.

I need to pause, take a second, and recognize the good God has given.

What moments today in your life do you need to pause and thank God for?

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