My Marriage Was a Mistake

Every marriage hits rough patches. In those moments, there is a tendency to look back on events that seem to be a fork in the road. In our ten years of marriage, I have one memory that haunts me; a moment in time that I recall when the bumps seems more jolting than normal. Sitting … Continue reading My Marriage Was a Mistake

Guest Post – April McKinnon

Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout April & May I have dedicated to guest writers. Today I'm pleased to introduce you to April McKinnon. What I've come to appreciate as I've gotten to know April is her outlook on life and her attitude. She is an encourager, and she seems to take everything in stride, trusting that God … Continue reading Guest Post – April McKinnon

Permission to Speak Freely: Book Review & Giveaway

After reading Mad Church Disease earlier this year I eagerly anticipated Anne Jackson's latest book, Permission to Speak Freely. Once again, Jackson is tackling a topic within the church today that's not getting much coverage. This time instead of showing how the church asks too much, she's pointing out that it doesn't ask enough. In May … Continue reading Permission to Speak Freely: Book Review & Giveaway


Last night Josh and I had a young, engaged couple over for dinner. They wanted to pick our brains. There were lots of questions: What is marriage like? How do you fight? What expectations should we have? How did you handle this? What do you think about that? As I sat there with them, talking … Continue reading Lucky