Check for a Pulse

Sometimes he just floats there, at the top of the aquarium. Arms and legs spread wide in a position of surrender, head tipped back so his nose just breaks through the surface. Our frog is crazy. I keep thinking he's dead. Everything about him read death. Poking around the glass, peering this way and that, … Continue reading Check for a Pulse

Editing & Processing

We've been back from our trip to Washington for a few days now and I'm still unpacking. No, not the suitcases...I was on top of that this time. Instead I'm sorting through the multitude of memories and emotions that I've brought back from this particular trip to my home state. This first trip with Silas. … Continue reading Editing & Processing

Happy Birthday to Me…

I turn 30 tomorrow. As I've sensed its approach, I looked forward to turning 30 as a transition into adulthood. My 20s were a time of new beginnings: college, marriage, parenthood, ministry. I felt that my 30s would be a time of improvement and refining. I had no idea what I would be dealing with … Continue reading Happy Birthday to Me…

My Grandma Bev

When I think of my Grandma Bev, I initially think of shopping trips, making my first apple pie, laying out by the pool and watching the Mariners on TV. She had a joy for life and a love of fun that fascinated me. But that wasn’t all there was to her. I’m currently pregnant with … Continue reading My Grandma Bev