Five Minute Friday: Dance

Today I’m taking part in Five Minute Friday over at Lisa-Jo’s place. That means five minutes of writing on a central topic, and no going back to edit. The community there is inspiring and the different ways that the theme is interpreted are fun to explore.

This week’s theme is: dance



Life is frequently described as a path. Especially in Christian circles…

“This is the path God has me on.”

“I’m following God’s leading on this path.”

“There is a bend ahead in the path and I don’t know what’s next.”

I always liked the idea of a path. I picture it as a light freckled, dirt covered avenue lined by trees. Because the paths we picture for ourselves are always peaceful and brimming with new life, right?

The problem with the path is that there is a beginning and an end and it’s all about progression. Movement implies advancement, or the opposite which means you’re heading in the wrong direction.

What if life is more like a dance, especially one in a Jane Austen novel?

Where movement implies relationship, fluidity and transition. The point isn’t to get somewhere, but to take part in a rhythm and pattern.

Paul’s definition as the Christian life as a race always inspired me to “press on” and “win.” The urgency of competition and attainment gave me a central focus. I would be first and I would be best!

This past year has been transformational for me, and one of the main things has been a quenching of this thirst for accomplishment and advancement. Not because I have attained my goals or done all I feel God has for me, but rather the striving and pursuit seems quieted in my soul.

I feel more content to contemplate the pattern, the music, the partners and surroundings. To take joy in the dance.