I’ve Discovered I Was Wrong

Lately I've been pondering what ministry actually is.  And I've come to the conclusion that I've had it wrong for many, many years. Ministry has evolved in my mind from something you do at a specific location, to a way of living life. A little less than a decade ago, we ministered to college age … Continue reading I’ve Discovered I Was Wrong

{mis}understanding God

We practiced our routine for weeks. Over and over we kicked, turned, gestured and sang till we were perfectly in sync. Never had my brother, sister and I gotten along so well. Over the summer, my sister and I had learned a song at summer camp. On our return home, we taught the song to … Continue reading {mis}understanding God

Spiritual Hygiene

I have to shower every day. Sometimes I'm not able to, but for the most part at some point in the day I shower. If I don't get a shower, I walk around feeling disgusting. I don't want people to see me, I don't want to go in public, I don't feel good about myself. … Continue reading Spiritual Hygiene

I Quit

I quit... ...worrying about what is ahead. ...feeling shame about what is behind. ...acting like I have attained perfection. ...burying my fears, hurts and insecurities. ...saying I'm ok when I'm not. ...stressing about what others think of me. ...trying to be God. ...seeking to earn others approval and affection. ...caring about site views, comments and … Continue reading I Quit