And the light was good

Today I made this... Sitting at my kitchen table, staring at the flame burning inside a clementine rind, I began to think about emptiness. Again. Because this seems to be a common theme in my mind these days. Originally that piece of fruit was appealing. Ripe. Juicy. Satisfying. Fulfilling it's purpose: to be eaten. I … Continue reading And the light was good

{Not so} Five Minute Friday: Rest

So much has happened, and not happened, this week for us. I have a lot to share, but I am just not up to it tonight after the day I've had. I hope to update, fill-in and have some photographic show-and-tell next week after a relaxing three-day weekend. When I saw that Lisa-Jo went over … Continue reading {Not so} Five Minute Friday: Rest

Standing at the Chapel Door

It's my wedding day, and the idea that everything will be different from this point forward terrifies and excites me. Three years of dating had taught me a lot about Josh, but I knew marriage would be an entirely new experience. Those years of dating were full of questions: Was he the one God had … Continue reading Standing at the Chapel Door

The Last Meal

All she needed to do was make a single cake. The fire cracked and snapped beside her, as she carefully measured out the remnants of flour and oil. For days she had watched as the supply dwindled, numb to the reality of what was ahead. They would die. With nothing to eat, nowhere to go, … Continue reading The Last Meal