Five Minute Friday: Backwards

It's Friday {finally}, and I'm so excited for what this weekend will include! An in-person meet-up with the online friend who is solely responsible for my current Chick-fil-a addiction. Guest posting tomorrow on the blog of an author I respect and admire {check my new blog Facebook page tomorrow for the link!}. Add to that … Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Backwards

Top 10 Reasons for Moving to Washington

10. I'm addicted to Chick-fil-a. As part of my focus this year on sacrifice, I realized that the only way I could give up that spicy chicken deluxe sandwich with pepper jack cheese, waffle fries and Chick-fil-a sauce was to move out-of-state. Mmm...I'm hungry. 9. To continue the food theme, no where in Orange County … Continue reading Top 10 Reasons for Moving to Washington