Five Minute Friday: Disappointment

Disappointment was what I felt when I checked Lisa-Jo's site for this week's Five Minute Friday prompt. I didn't join up last week, and was looking forward to the community and inspiration. Here's my attempt to participate, despite my lack of prompt. I still followed the rules: write for five minutes, and don't go back and … Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Disappointment

Check for a Pulse

Sometimes he just floats there, at the top of the aquarium. Arms and legs spread wide in a position of surrender, head tipped back so his nose just breaks through the surface. Our frog is crazy. I keep thinking he's dead. Everything about him read death. Poking around the glass, peering this way and that, … Continue reading Check for a Pulse

The Plan

"Cora, what's tonight?" "My special night!" "What do you want to do?" "I don't know, Daddy. I haven't figured out the plan." :: Every Thursday night Cora comes up with a plan. Thursdays are her special night; her night to spend time in Mommy and Daddy's bed singing, reading or playing games before she falls … Continue reading The Plan