this is not helping me lose weight

I was hoping to reach a new goal by December 31st. In 8 months I lost 40 lbs doing Weight Watchers. Actually, it was 6-1/2 months. Since September I've been stuck. I don't think it's a coincidence that my weight loss plateaued at the beginning of the comfort food, holiday baking, and cookie decorating chaos … Continue reading this is not helping me lose weight

The recipe I get asked for the most {which I stole from someone else}

You might call it monkey bread. We call it cinnamon pull-aparts. Some people think we're saying salmon pull-aparts; which would be a whole 'nother thing. This magical assembly of carbs, sugar, cinnamon and cream cheese frosting is my most requested dish...and it's not really mine. During our freshman year of college, Josh and I had … Continue reading The recipe I get asked for the most {which I stole from someone else}

My Mom

My mom reads my blog every fact, I frequently write posts wondering how she'll react or what she'll think. Not once has she commented, and I doubt she ever will. Her comments come at 5:30 PM as she's driving home from work. That's when she's bored and she calls me to check in. This … Continue reading My Mom


We were going to a surprise party for our friend's birthday and I was supposed to bring a dessert. I had been planning on making banana bread with the over-ripe fruit sitting on my counter. I also had 3 lbs of cream cheese in my fridge that hadn't become a cheesecake for Valentine's Day. Banana … Continue reading Transformed