Meet Baby #4

Months of heartburn and nausea... Weeks of false labor... Days of wonder and anticipation... Hours of contractions... Minutes of intensity... Have all ended in this: Silas Griffin Elliott Brotherton 8 lbs., 4 oz. 20" long Born June 15th @ 7:14 AM (Sign up to get this blog by email or¬†subscribe in a Reader) [tweetmeme = … Continue reading Meet Baby #4


Who are you? Will you be outgoing, reserved, artistic, athletic, blonde or brunette? What is your name? Why is it so difficult for us this time? What is it about you that wants to remain a mystery? What will you teach us? So far you've already shown me to "be still and know," the importance … Continue reading Questions

Counting Down

Time is running out! These next few weeks are ones of major transition for our family. They will include the end of a decade long pursuit of education, recognition and title. A goal that at times seemed out of reach, but which God has helped to bring to completion. In just 19 days Josh will … Continue reading Counting Down

What’s in a Name?

By this time in the pregnancy we usually have a name. This is our fourth child and we're having a hard time deciding what to call him. Baby boy? Number 4? Axel? There's a lot of names that we have found that sound nice...but none of them have that neon sign flashing over it saying, … Continue reading What’s in a Name?