What You Have to Do for God isn’t so Great

Many times we Christians set each other up for disappointment. The primary response to the announcement of our move was: "That's so exciting! I know God is going to use you in a great way! You have big things ahead!" {Ok, one person did tell us that we were being irresponsible and flippant about moving … Continue reading What You Have to Do for God isn’t so Great

Living Sacrifice: Half-Way There

As 2010 came to a close and I looked forward to a new year, God began impressing on me the idea of sacrifice. Struggling to balance pinched finances, stretched responsibilities and whirlwind days, one thought kept surfacing: simplify. Things that I felt were necessary in my life became the things that God was asking me … Continue reading Living Sacrifice: Half-Way There

3 Things I Learned {then Forgot} Through Fasting

And then Silas threw up on me... Anyone else sensing a trend? Thursday night last week, rather than spending the evening out at some fancy restaurant celebrating my ten year anniversary with my husband, I was sitting in a vomit-soaked sweatshirt at Urgent Care with Silas. He has pneumonia. Yes, it's sad. Yes, he's getting … Continue reading 3 Things I Learned {then Forgot} Through Fasting

Living out Sacrifice

I normally don't post on a Saturday, but a friend of mine pointed out today's entry from "My Utmost for His Highest" by¬†Oswald Chambers. It goes along so perfectly with what God has been speaking to me about Abide and Sacrifice, I wanted to share it here. Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend! Abraham … Continue reading Living out Sacrifice