There is a certain tight rope quality to being involved in social media. You want to be genuine, transparent, and real without falling into the TMI category. Those people who present a highly edited version of themselves are what gives online interactions a bad name, but so do the ones who provide¬†the intimate details of … Continue reading {balance}

Some little known facts

For all of us non-BlogHer's Pensieve Robin is hosting a BlogHop! What a great opportunity to meet new people while wearing our pajamas!! If I could wear pajamas all day, I would. But I digress... I always hate having to describe myself because I usually just list my roles in life and my accomplishments. I … Continue reading Some little known facts

Why You Read

I've seen several writers put up posts on why they write. It's usually really interesting and, funnily enough, the same reasons are frequently given: personal fulfillment, creative outlet, calling from God, etc. What I'm wondering is: Why do you read? What keeps you coming back here? I offer up snapshots of my life as a … Continue reading Why You Read

I Need a Nap

Two weeks ago today Silas was born. I haven't slept much since then. I'm not complaining...I wasn't sleeping much in the weeks leading up to his birth either. It's infinitely better to be able to cuddle, kiss and hold the source of my insomnia. Life seems like it's on hold right now. My days consist … Continue reading I Need a Nap